Thank You for your interest in the Portable ADAS system.  

This SYSTEM HAS several advantages over other ADAS Systems.

FIRST: This ADAS system was designed FOCUSED ON the mobile glass installer.
Other marketed ADAS systems were not designed to be utilized in a mobile
setting.  Their PHYSICAL SIZE AND WEIGHT makes it impractical to transport.
from one mobile installation to another.  Many installers do not have the luxury.
of a large brick-and-mortar establishment to set-up a stationary “BATTLESHIP
DESIGNED” ADAS system.  Most replacement customers expect the installer to
come to their location even when a brick-and-mortar building is available.

SECOND: This Portable ADAS system provides a QUALITY BUILT / COMPACT/
LIGHTER WEIGHT system that allows the transport and mobile utilization of an
ADAS system.  The ADAS targets utilized with the system will fit within your
mobile windshield rack.  The ADAS stand can quickly but carefully assembled and
disassembled for transport without the need of a large transportation vehicle or
ADDITIONAL manpower. 

THIRD:  The Portable ADAS system was created with the small business owner
in mind. The system provides the mobile ability to evaluate the ADAS function.
without breaking ($$$$) the bank account. The Portable ADAS System cost is
< 50% of that charged by the other vendors making it affordable to those in the
windshield replacement business. Now the smaller shop can keep the monies.
they are currently passing along to those performing the ADAS verification.

We believe that this ADAS System will be the answer to those out there needing a
better alternative for the 3 advantages listed above.

NOTE: The Portable ADAS system is sold to you ready for use after simple
assembly.  If you treat the system with care, it will function well for you. 
The key is to treat the tool with respect just as you treat the customers’ vehicles.
with respect. This will result in more monies regularly for your business.